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Cub Sport Release New Video For ‘Chasin’

Cubbies have just dropped the video for Chasin’ and it’s super lovely! Like the O Lord vid, we’re treated cute couple moments from Tim Nelson & Sam Bolan and the band continuing to define the masculine identity through softness and beauty. Director Jennifer Embleton called the video an exploration of “radical softness” and Cub Sports visual ethos of strength “through vulnerability”.

The focus on on the couples relationship in the video, is not only beautiful to watch but is appropriate for the song, which details a time before the guys were together romantically and Tim’s realisation that he was in love with his best friend. Speaking to Nylon.com about Chasin’ he says;

“The time apart made me realize I was in love with him; that was when I started to realize that my sexuality wasn’t a phase. We both had pretty religious upbringings, which complicated the situation. I wanted to be honest and be my true self but was worried about hurting people. It was deeply confusing, and I really did feel like my mind and life were scattered into different parts—like I was pulling myself in different directions.” 

Tim also goes on to explain that he still didn’t fully understand the song at the time of its writing or recording, but seeing the Chasin‘ video, it’s very he has worked out what he wanted to express and and the sentiment is perfectly replicated visually.