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Interview with Lynn Gunn (PVRIS)

Interview by Breanna Vane

Off the back of a huge North American tour, global favourites PVRIS are gracing our shores once again to play their first Australian headline shows. Having previously toured the country in support of Aussie hardcore heavyweights, The Amity Affliction, these will be the first dates the band have played in Aus since the release of their sophomore record All We Know of Heaven, All We Need Of Hell (Aug 2017). Fronted by Lynn Gunn, the bands vocalise and keys player, Gunn’s openness and honesty on the subject of coming out and being queer in both the bands’ music and in interviews has made her a role model and icon in the queer community. We got the chance to sit down with Lynn to talk about the upcoming Australian dates, cute animals and being anti-rock and roll!

It’s been a little while since PVRIS has graced our shores. What are you most excited for during this tour down under?

I’m actually really hoping we have time to explore the nature Australia is known for. Any time we’ve been here it’s really only been the cities and I’d love to explore the nature and meet some animals!

That begs the question; favorite australian animal?

Oh wow! I’m not super educated in that area but I definitely think Koalas are super cute and I love the fact they’re high on eucalyptus all the time! The boys got to meet one last time but we were about to shoot a music video so I was on the phone with the director all day and missed out! So it’s definitely on the list.

How would you say the fans vary between back home and across the ocean?

Well they definitely have these wonderful accents that no matter how hard I try I can just not do! And I’m really good at accents so the fact I just can’t fucking get it, is upsetting.

So you’ve just come off quite an extensive tour around North America. Any wild stories from the road?

Honestly our bands super chill; like before a show Brian will just be reading a book or listening to a podcast and Alex will be on his laptop, we get on stage and the moment we’re done we pretty much revert back to those positions *laughs* we’re really anti-rock and roll.

Rock and Roll is technically about anti-establishmentarianism so really being anti-rock and roll is pretty rock and roll.

That’s our new descriptor “so anti-rock and roll we’re rock and roll” But no I’m just thankful that means nothings has gone wrong, you know? Our crew is super organised and on the ball and that’s really comforting. It helps a lot!

On the subject of wild PVRIS also made an appearance at Coachella! What was that like?

It was really cool! I hadn’t expected to appeal to the demographic so coming out on stage to so many people that first weekend was crazy and then having even more the second time! I don’t know if they promoted us more or what but I was definitely thrilled.

Coachella is known for having an extensive variety of genres at their festival. What would you say is the most unexpected artist on your phone currently?

Looking at my recently played; probably Cardi B and a ton of 90s freestyle and 90s pop. *NSYNC has been a particular favourite recently for sure! But no definitely Cardi B!

PVRIS June tour kicks off in Adelaide on June 13th;