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Interview with Maribelle

Melbourne songwriter and performer Maribelle is hitting Sydney on Friday (Aug 17th) night for the second of just two shows the artist is playing to celebrate the release of I’m A Mess Without You, which first premiered on Triple J in May. This so-cute-but-so-huge track is the first release from Maribelle since 2016s Overtake EP and sees the young songwriter open up about her experiences in new love and self-honesty, as well as show off the new heights her song writing has reached.

We caught up with Maribelle, freshly returned home from a songwriting trip in LA for a little chat before her final show at World Bar.

Featured Image by Kyle Butcher.

Recently, you dropped a lovely acoustic version of IAMWY, is that something youll be whipping out in future live sets?

 I’d definitely love to perform the acoustic version sometime soon. I usually like keeping my live shows up and energetic – but if it felt right, I’d definitely sing that version.

Speaking of your live show, I know you usually perform with a DJ and live drummer. Are there any plans to incorporate more live elements in to your performances?

When I can, I have Deer (who has DJ’d for me since the beginning), and my live drummer. Sometimes, depending on where and when, I switch between the two. I willdefinitely start bringing more acoustic elements to my live shows. I’m slowly building a live band, the more shows I play.

 You have spoken previously about some pre-release anxiety around I’m a Mess Without You, knowing your family would be hearing the song. Had you not come out to your family before the release?

My family already had figured it out and we’re very supportive. They wanted me to talk to them about it when I was ready. We all knew what was going on, but it was something that was to awkward to bring up. Once I started being comfortable with it myself, I started being more transparent about it with them and it helped me realise that there’s no reason to hide anything.

And IAMWYis not an overtly queer love song, which can give the video narrative (which openly explores queer crushes) a sort of revelatory aspect.

 I wrote the song in like 20 minutes, so I didn’t really get to process what I was really writing about. I didn’t have a purpose with the narrative while making the song; it was like ripping off a Band-Aid. I wasn’t trying to make any kind of queer statement with the video, because it was about my own personal experience.

You were overseas recently, was this another writing trip? Can we hope for new music soon?

I was blessed with another writing trip in LA. I was supposed to write just one single, but I think I might have written more than one, so an EP is where my head is at!

Youre doing shows in Sydney and Melbourne this month, will you be heading out to any other areas this year?

I’m definitely planning to after this tour!