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Interview with Mo•Louie & Youthfire

Melbourne music week is well underway! I spoke to Mo•Louie and Youthfire about their very special MMW showcase: Technicolour Wonderland, happening Friday night at Ding Dong Lounge.

You’re both performing at MMW this weekend, the event is part of MMW’s Self-Made program, how did you get involved with MMW and what is the self-made program all about?

YouthfireI first met Mo last year when I was asked to open for her single launch at Boney. Since then we’ve become good pals. Then…

Mo•LouieWe were both loosely talking about it before the EOI came out at the start of this year, and then when MMW posted about it on their facebook, Youthfire tagged me in a comment and was like ‘Shall we do it?!’ and I was like hells yer! Haha. We applied, worked really hard on the application and got in! The Self-Made program showcases and supports original, innovative music events by Melbourne’s emerging producers, it’s very very hard to get in the Self-Made program in MMW so we were shocked when we were accepted!

Technicolour Wonderland looks to be a promising A/V epic! What can people expect to see and feel when they walk through the Ding Dong doors on Friday night?

Mo•LouiePeople can expect a lot of colour, multidisciplinary performers, surprises, love, diversity, good energy and a big party!

YouthfireI don’t want to give to much more away… but I’m very proud of the diverse range of artists that are involved in the night! We are combining everything that we love about live performance art and music to project an experience that aims to bring unity through diversity.

The event seems to be quite collaborative in nature in terms of the actual curation, will there be any on stage live collaborations between any of the artists?

Mo•Louie:There won’t be between us, but individually we have a lot of collaborations with outside artists in our set, so there are a few guests in all of our sets! Which we can’t wait for!

Youthfire: I forward that notion, only to add that the entire night will be a cohesive experience with each act merging from one to another.

Can you tell us a bit about the other artists playing on the night and how they came to be a part of the showcase? Are they all artists you’ve worked with and/or being into? Or did you look around for artists who fit the vision you had for TW?

Mo•Louie: I have an artist in my set I’ve never worked with in music before but we went to VCA together so she’s an old friend, and she’s fabulous! This is the first time I’ve worked with Abraham Tilbury & Bec Todd of Sloe Motion, and I admire them so much (Youthfire included), they are all exceptional talents with a passion for what they do, I’m extremely lucky to be working with all of them. There are a few friends I ask to be part of the event but I haven’t seen them in their element, so very excited to see them shine!

YouthfireThe majority of the artists involved, I’ve worked with during previous events. However, we have specifically curated a special act for this event, which previously didn’t exist before. But I don’t want to say to much more about that.

Friday night is also serving as a dual EP release as you’ve both out amazing music this month, will any of the visual elements of these releases be incorporated into the show? I mean The new Youthfire video is absolutely stunning, will the vid or elements of it  be showcased on the night at all?

Mo•Louie: How good is the new Youthfire clip!! Fark I love it so much! Haha. Visual elements are by the amazing Bec Todd, and Laura Du Ve from LDV Photography did the images of us so Bec will be transforming them with her own art into video art. I think some of the imagery from my EP shot by Jess Brohier will be incorporated into my set which I’m thrilled about!!!

Youthfire: I collaborated with Bec Todd from Sloe Motion to create the Youthfire “Lift Me Up” film clip. We’ve also worked closely with Bec to create visuals for this event. Inherently, elements of the film clip will be used but recontextualised during Sloe Motions live VJ set throughout the event.

Experience Technicolour Wonderland Friday night at The Ding Dong Lounge.