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Review of ‘Sensitivity’ EP by The Nah

Across the five tracks on offer on Sensitivity, most (possibly all) will be familiar to anyone who has caught the bands live set in the past 12 months. Finally committing the songs to record is a true, long awaited blessing from The Nah to us!

While each track on the EP could be placed in a genre of its own, the songs fit together nicely, especially the first four tracks; Surf Song, Exit, Care for Myself and Spooky baby, which all have a tender vibe that reminds me of tracks like Golden by gorgeous Sydney band Morning TV or Playground Love by Air (that song from the Virgin Suicides movie), fun, clever, gentle and kind of sad, all at once.

The slight exception to the overall homogeneity is the title track, while musically aligned with the other songs, Sensitivity is not gentle. This song is a MOOD! Providing backing vocals for most of the songs on the EP, on Sensitivity Nah drummer, Chelsey takes on lead vocals to deliver the powerful, and long overdue message; “sensitivity is not weakness, sensitivity is strength.” and it fucking is.

The Nah are currently on tour in support of their EP and will hit the road again in March with The Vanns as part of MusicNSW annual INDENT tour.